Refrigerator Missionaries

This evening was surreal for me.  You see, for my entire childhood, being raised in a mission minded Southern Baptist home, there have been many missionary prayer cards on my family’s refrigerator.  Some were people we knew well; family, family friends or locals God had called out of Texas County Missouri.  Some, we knew less about, but had happened to meet them at a missions conference or WMU meeting and their story compelled my family to commit to pray for them.  Some were drawn to a nearby city or state and some followed God to the uttermost parts of the earth.  All carried with them a mysterious air of immense faith and confidence.  I admired these people and their reliance on our Father to do great things in their ministry.  Tonight was surreal because tonight our family had pictures taken so we can hang on your refrigerator to remind you to pray for us.  Are we anything mysterious or impressive?  No, but we are confident that God has sent us and has great things in store for us in Indy.  Will you commit to pray for our family and those we will be reaching in Indy? 

My children called the pictures our "missionary pictures."  We hope to have the cards printed by the end of May.  If we won't see you this summer, message us your address and we'll send you one.  We would love to be your refrigerator missionaries!


BTW:  Thanks to our amazing photographer and fellow church planting wife, Kara Guffey!