Happy Birthday Southern Baptists

This month, Southern Baptists celebrate our 168th birthday as a denomination.  Rachel and I are particularly thankful for Southern Baptists, as we have been "SBC" since we were in the womb.  As kids, we took part in Sunday School, VBS, Royal Ambassadors (Josh), Girls in Action (Rachel), Bible Drill, "M Night," and just about any other thing you can think of.  As teenagers we met at an associational youth event, and I proposed to Rachel at our local Baptist camp.  As young adults we received our college education from a Southern Baptist institution, and I am now pursuing a graduate degree at a Southern Baptist seminary.  We both have Southern Baptist teachers, deacons, and worship leaders in our family trees.  Why do I mention all this?  To follow up on Rachel's earlier post, we are very humbled and honored to now be Southern Baptist missionaries.  All our lives, our families have given faithfully to Lottie Moon and Annie Armstrong (probably have to be SBC to know what that means).  We have had "missions" poured into our hearts and minds.  And now, we get to serve the people that have invested so much in us.  First and foremost we are followers of Christ.  But, make no mistake, we are also grateful to be Southern Baptists.  We are looking forward to being your missionaries!