Can an Established Church Pastor Learn New Tricks?

In my 14 years of ministry (12 as a senior pastor, 2 as a youth pastor), I have always worked in established churches, and I have always led by building consensus.  I have tried my best to practice the "IDA" principle (introduce-discuss-act) when implementing significant change or new initiatives.  We can argue about whether or not that is the most biblical model of pastoral leadership, but it's simply a necessity in many established churches.  However, I am discovering that church planting is an entirely different animal.  For instance, as Rachel and I pray about a name for our church, there is no one else to ask; we are it!  Right now I am working on a budget for our first year.  I look around and there is no budget committee to provide affirmation or push back.  This is both liberating, and a little scary!  Thankfully, our sending church, Second Baptist, provides oversight and accountability for us.  (I am convinced that everyone should be accountable to someone.)  Pray for us as we seek God's will in the decisions that will lay the foundation for this new church.  It is an exciting time!