My Love/Hate Relationship with Holidays

Can I make a confession?  I have a love/hate relationship with holidays – particularly Christian holidays.  I love what (or rather whom) we celebrate – Jesus!  But I hate the additional stress and busyness that comes with them.


Personal Milestones

If you'll permit me a moment of self-reflection, 2019 is a year of personal milestones, and I would like to share them here as a testimony to the Lord and all He has done for me.


A True Evangelist

This morning I ran across a friend in ministry.  This man, a vocational evangelist, has recently had some serious health issues and is advancing in age.  Some of his health issues have made it a struggle for him to even read and comprehend. 


Profile of a Church Plant: Camino a la Cruz in Omaha, Nebraska

This week, three men from our church took a brief vision trip to Omaha, NE to scout out the potential for a summer mission trip.  While there, we met up with Angel Morales, church planter and pastor of Camino a la Cruz (Way of the Cross).  Angel, his wife Rachel, and their kids moved to Omaha a year and a half ago from Nixa, MO in response to God's call to minister to the 100,000 Hispanics living in the Omaha metro area.


Thanking God for Fender Chapel

The last couple of days, Rachel and I got to catch up with Martin and Amy Winslow, old friends from our college days at Southwest Baptist University.  Martin led a family/parenting conference at Selmore this weekend and did a fantastic job.  (I encourage you to check out his blog, nextgenerationfaithfulness.com.)  Our time with the Winslows got me reminiscing...


Pastors, Guard Your Sheep from Sexual Predators

The elderly man visiting our church was a little odd, a little quirky to be sure, but he seemed harmless enough to me.  Nevertheless, multiple ladies in the church (including my wife) didn't quite feel right about him.


Christians Must be Champions for Life

Like many Americans watching the State of the Union last night, I was struck by the number of congressmen (and particularly congresswomen) who showed visible disdain for the pro-life sentiments expressed by the president. 


My First SBC Annual Meeting

The first Southern Baptist Convention annual meeting I ever attended was in St. Louis in 2002.  At the time, I was a 23 year-old youth pastor serving at a church in southeast Missouri.  I drove the church van two hours up the road to the annual meeting and took along my wife and two elderly ladies from our church.  To this day, it is still the most memorable convention I have attended.


What a Kid can Teach Us About Giving

When my kids were smaller they would sometimes find something random around the house and wrap it up as a present to give my wife and me at Christmas time.


A Tribute to Dr. Marshall

Tomorrow, one of my preaching heroes will preach his last sermon before retirement...