From the Mouths of 5th Graders

I recently took cupcakes to Rachel's 5th grade class in celebration of her birthday. Some of her students wrote me thank you notes.  The notes put a smile on my face, and some of them made me laugh out loud.  Hopefully they'll do the same for you...

"Dear Mr. Hall, We are glad you came to our class.  You were funny awesome and got cupcakes for us."

"Thank you for bringing the cupcakes, and take care of Mrs. Hall please, and the kids."

"That was very nice of you to bring cupcakes for your wife's birthday.  We all enjoyed them.  Some too much."

"I really enjoy it when my teacher's family or husband comes because I am such a people pleaser and I like to see my teacher having a good time."

And my personal favorite...  "You're a good man, and a good priest."