Easter: A Time to Celebrate!

This morning some very sweet ladies came to the door of my home with a pamphlet, inviting me to an "observance" of the death of Jesus.  They are of course Jehovah's Witnesses.  They focus on the death of Jesus this time of year because they do not believe in his bodily resurrection.

My heart aches for them.

In truth, there is no Christian faith without the resurrection.  If Jesus did not raise from the dead, He is just another liar or lunatic (in a long line of both) that claimed to be something they were not.  By raising from the dead, Jesus proved that He truly was who He said He was - the Son of God.  That He truly was the savior of the world.

If the resurrection is not real, Christianity is the cruelest kind of joke.  If the resurrection is not real, all hope is lost.  Life is vain and meaningless.  If I did not believe the resurrection was real, I can promise you I would never darken the door of a church.  What would be the point?  I have zero desire to go through the motions of a cold, dead religion.  I'd much rather go fishing.

On the other hand, if Jesus did raise from the dead, it changes everything.  If He did raise from the dead, it validates everything He claimed.  If He did raise from the dead, He is Lord, and He is worthy of my worship, my obedience, my very life.

This Easter, my family will not attend an "observance."  We will gather with other believers at sunrise on Easter morning to celebrate!  The tomb is empty!  We will sing.  We will laugh.  We will fellowship.  We will feast.  And we will thank the Lord for new life.

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