10 Things I Think I Think About the NCAA Tournament

My favorite sporting event of the year is upon us!  Here are ten things I think I think about that...

1)  Missouri State got snubbed!  (Not really, I'm just used to saying that every year.)

2)  Missouri really did get a raw deal.  The first 30 win team from a major conference not to receive a #1 seed.  The head of the selection committee said it was because of their weak non-conference schedule.  Maybe if they would play a certain university in the southwest part of the state it would help?

3)  The committee is to be commended for picking 11 at-large mid-majors this year.  Nevertheless, there were still the usual bunch of mediocre major teams awarded bids.  It's a shame to see two teams at 27-6 (Oral Roberts and Drexel) sitting out in favor of "major" teams with 12 and 13 losses and .500 records in their own conferences.  The little guys are what make this tournament great.

4)  On that note, congrats to Iona.  I'm sure their inclusion in the tournament will drive many of the media folks nuts.

5)  The best team name in this year's tourney?...  South Dakota State Jackrabbits

6)  Teams from the mid-majors most likely to make the final four...  Saint Mary's, New Mexico, and Creighton.  (Wichita State is everyone's darling, but they will have to go through Kentucky.)

7)  Upset special...  Detroit over Kansas.  (Runner-up...  Harvard over Vanderbilt.  Montana over Wisconsin.)

8)  Final Four...  Kentucky, Missouri, Florida State, Saint Mary's

9)  Champion...  Missouri

10)  Yes, I am a homer.