The "OC"

Our family went to the "OC" this week. Not Orange County, but the Ozark Community Center. In fact, we joined the center. For just $40/mo, an entire family can use all the workout equipment, gymnasium, indoor track, indoor pool, childcare, etc. But for me, the best feature of the OC is the paved walking trail that connects the OC to the Finley River bridge downtown. This one mile trail goes right along the edge of the creek. It is truly a beautiful walk. And the best part is that the trail (as well as lots of unpaved trails along the creek) are free! As I walked the trail this morning, I thought "now THIS is a good use of tax dollars." (I know some of my ultra-conservative friends may disagree with that statement, but I have never minded tax dollars being used to give the public access to its natural resources.) Ozark should be very proud of the OC and its trails. I can't imagine there's any small town in the nation that has anything of the sort any nicer.

Now I just have to use my membership and get in shape! I am also fasting from fried food this month. So far, so good.