Before the game.

Hannah is the smallest girl, at far right.

Basketball began tonight. My six year-old, Hannah, had her first game for the Highlandville Owls K-2 team (against Ozark). Although Hannah is the smallest girl on her team (and the only first grader) she is also the scrappiest. This makes Dad very proud. Hannah's technique is to wait until someone gets the ball, then run up to them and grab the ball away from them (whether its her "man" or someone else's). This earned her a couple jump balls tonight, and also earned her a shot to the face at the end of the game. When she got hit, and went to the bench in tears, the coach asked her if she needed to go sit with her parents. Hannah said "No, I'm tough." That's my girl! We lost a close one, but we'll get them next time.

When Hannah's game was over, I went to the MSU Bears' first exhibition game of the season. My friend, Adam Horton, and I share a season ticket package. I got there in time to watch most of the second half. I think the Bears are going to be vastly improved and MUCH more athletic this year. Thank goodness.

I am glad basketball is here again. I always say that baseball is God's sport, but basketball is a close second!