10 Things I Think I'm Thinking

1) November 2009 in the Ozarks has been delightful.

2) Proverbs 5 makes for an, um, " interesting" midweek Bible study/discussion.

3) I must teach my 6 year-old basketball player to be more aggressive on offense. Too much standing around the top of the key spectating. Our conversation on the way to the game tonight... Me: "Hannah, tonight I want you to work on playing closer to the basket on offense, so that you can get the ball more and shoot the ball." Hannah: "Dad, my job is to steal the ball from the other team." (She did cause four jump balls tonight. She is definitely leading the team in that category.) Hannah's team won. They are 2-1.

4) Mr. President, it has been three months since your top general in Afghanistan requested 40,000 more troops. To date, you still have not been able to make up your mind... Seriously? Be a man. Make a call. People are counting on you.

5) 12 days since I've eaten fried food, and I really haven't missed it. I haven't lost much weight, but I feel better... One day at a time.

6) I have worked out six of the last eight days, and am already starting to feel lost muscles, and build stamina. The human body is such an amazing thing. You can treat it like crud for years, and yet it responds so quickly to just a little attention. If most of us treated our cars like we treat our body, they'd all be in a salvage yard.

7) Some will disagree, but I don't really have a problem with Taylor Swift winning CMA entertainer of the year. She is a phenomenon... a brilliant songwriter, a very good singer, and a great performer. A once-in-a-generation talent. I am interested to see how her songwriting will evolve as she gets older. Will she be able to write about marriage and kids as well as she writes about high school romances?

8) Selmore Baptist's new worship center is going to be full very soon at the current rate. God is so good to our church.

9) Finally, Shea is off "The Biggest Loser!"... I am picking Danny to win it all. I like his heart... Have you seen Tracy since she left the show? That girl is buff!

10) I am looking forward to going on a four day "vision trip" to Chicago/northern Illinois next month with other Missouri Baptist pastors, to explore the potential for mission partnerships.