Just before church last night, I read the AP article about a St. Louis area pastor who had been shot to death in his morning worship service. We prayed for his loved ones/church in our evening service at Selmore. Then I got home and read more, and I saw Fred Winters' picture, and I realized I had attended a luncheon with Fred at the Southern Baptist Covention last summer. That doesn't mean a whole lot, other than when I saw his picture, it really hit home. And then, when I saw the picture of his wife and girls... well, I lost it. I don't have the heart to post the family portrait, but you can see it on Mark Driscoll's blog at right. What a beautiful family.

Pastor Fred (who is also an SBU alum) is a modern day martyr. He joins countless other souls before him who paid the ultimate price for following Jesus. He has gone to his reward. Please pray for his wife and two girls (ages 14 & 12), and for his church.