25 Random Things About Me

Okay. Since several of you have tagged me to do this on Facebook, here are 25 random things about me, in random order. (I have purposely left out the obvious... I love Jesus, my wife, my kids, etc.)

1) My sixth grade basketball team was 22-1. We once scored 46 points against Lebanon... in one half. (And yes, that is sadly the highlight of my sports career.)

2) I played football and basketball in middle school, and baseball throughout high school.

3) I lost 50 pounds when I was 17, and weighed 160 when I graduated high school. I weigh much more than that now. Weight has always been a struggle for me.

4) My only real fistfight was in 4th grade. I suffered a black eye, bloody nose, and swats from the principal.

5) My wife and I had dated for four months when we began discussing marriage. I was 18, and she was 17.

6) After one year at College of the Ozarks, against my parents' advice, I transferred to SBU solely to follow a girl. (Who is now my wife!)

7) The place I haven't been to, that I would most like to see, is Washington D.C.

8) Worst thing I've ever done?... I "egged" my high school and ran from the police. (I feel much better now that I have that off my chest.)

9) I have spent many nights camping on rivers, and several of those by myself.

10) One of the best friends I've ever had was a dog named Gator. (fishing buddy)

11) I love small towns, pickup trucks, and country music.

12) Rachel and I had been approached about taking jobs at the Department of Justice, and were seriously considering it, when 9/11 happened.

13) I have lived in five communities -- Plato, Houston (see pic), Bolivar, Ellington, and Ozark -- and have a fond place in my heart for all.

14) To this day, the single most difficult trial of my life was moving from Plato to Houston in seventh grade. It was the absolute right decision for our family, but it was a nightmare at the time.

15) I was accepted to Virginia Tech's grad school in political science, but dropped out before I got started.

16) I was my freshman, sophomore, and junior class president.

17) When I first started college, I was a media major. (Wanted to be a sports writer.)

18) My wife and I grew up 30 minutes apart, crossed paths a handful of times as children, and had many mutual friends... although we never took note of one another until high school.

19) I proposed to my wife at Simmons Baptist Camp, where our paths first crossed as children.

20) I spent many hours as a child on my grandparents' farm in Plato. I was very close to my grandpa who died when I was 10. I try to visit my grandparents' grave every Memorial Day.

21) My dad is the best man I've ever met. My mom is a terrific mother, and one of the most competent people I know. (So what if I'm biased?)

22) I love my job. Selmore is one of the greatest churches to pastor in all Missouri. Period.

23) I am more of a cut-up than most people know.

24) I love and miss Ronald Reagan.

25) I have great in-laws.