No Ordinary Building

I had some business at the above building today and snapped a picture of it. At first glance, it looks like a million other commercial buildings across our land. But this particular structure on Cherry Street in Springfield, MO is no ordinary building. Let me explain...

This building, close to the campus of Missouri State, was once upon a time an abortion clinic. Thankfully, there came a day when the clinic closed shop. And then a miracle happened. The owners inexplicably gave the building to the Pregnancy Care Center (a pro-life organazation that ministers to young ladies). The PCC was grateful for the gift, but did not need the space. So they leased it. And to whom?... The Missouri Baptist Children's Home, which had been praying for a bigger facility.

These days, the building where babies once went to die is being used to match children to loving, adoptive parents. And the money the lease is generating is being used by the PCC on the other side of town to counsel young ladies to choose life for their babies. The demons no longer have run over the little building on Cherry Street. God wanted it, and God took it. Doesn't He have a wonderful sense of irony? Read more about this awesome story here.