Get Ready

Springfield "pastor," Roger Ray, wrote an editorial this morning calling out a city attorney. According to Ray, this attorney is unfit for public office because of letters he wrote to Ray and others rejecting homosexuality as sin. Ray concludes by saying the attorney should not draw another paycheck from the city of Springfield. Frightening.

But, folks, get ready for more of this in the next four years. One byproduct of the Obama election will be an emboldened left, and the creation of special rights for homosexuals. I fully anticipate this to carry over to the pulpit, with those churches who teach against homosexuality being harassed by threats of losing tax-exempt status or some other nonsense, and eventually (8-12 years?) ending with the prosecution of pastors for engaging in "hate crimes."

As for Ray, he is a particularly "savage wolf," cloaked in pompous intellectualism, "speaking perverse things." (Acts 20) Pray for him; as it stands now, his judgment will be very harsh.