Ashley Cowboy Church

Earlier this month, our church took a weekend mission trip to Macomb, MO to work with the good folks of the Ashley Cowboy Church (above). My friend and mentor, Kenneth McIntosh, planted this church apx. three years ago to reach the people in his rural community with the Gospel. The church obtained permission to renovate and use a one-room church building that had been abandoned for over 30 years. Because many in the surrounding community raise cattle and/or ride horses, the church took on a cowboy theme. In Ashley Cowboy Church, bluegrass is the worship music of choice, sermons are delivered from a tree stump pulpit, the offering is collected in cowboy hats, and it is not uncommon for members to ride their horses to services (the church is located on a dirt road). God has blessed this little church, which now regularly runs in the fifties and sixties for its worship services, and has seen dozens profess faith in Christ since its birth.

26 people from our church essentially spent a three day weekend helping the Ashley Church clean/paint their building, and do other odds and ends to their facility that needed done. Our people also led two worship services while we were there, and taught Sunday School classes. Our hosts were wonderful, putting us up in their homes and/or campers, and feeding us like kings. Many friendships were formed between our people in the brief time we were there. It was a great experience!

At a time when short-term mission trips have never been so popular, let’s remember that “the light that shines furthest shines brightest at home.” It is good to strengthen churches in other states and nations, but there are also little, rural churches that dot the hills and hollers of the Ozarks (or whereever you live) that need encouragement as well! Below are a few pics of our trip...

Poor Rick (left) has the job of keeping Pastor Kenneth (right) in line.

The fish was this long!

Mick loves to paint. Look at that smile!

Pam giving her son, Mikey, a helping hand. Our regional (or "Judea") mission trip is open to families.