Montana & North Dakota

Rachel, the kids, and I spent a great weekend visiting my brother's family in Montana. Saturday, we slipped across the state border and spent the day at Roosevelt National Park in North Dakota. Sunday, we worshiped with Jordan's church in Sidney, and they were kind enough to let me preach. Here are some pics from our trip...

Fellowship Baptist Church in Sidney, Montana is a large Southern Baptist Church for that area of the country, averaging 50 in Sunday morning worship. They are blessed with a beautiful facility, a talented praise band, and a sweet spirit. Their pastor is okay too.

These rock outcroppings, or "badlands" are typical of the terrain in eastern Montana and western North Dakota.

This picture was actually taken at a roadside park along I-94 in Montana. This one is for you, Adam.

A wild buffalo in Roosevelt National Park.

A herd of wild elk, just outside Roosevelt National Park. These elk were part of a larger group of 20-30.