Fishin' Pics

My friend, and assistant pastor, Jeff Updegraff. Looks hard at work, doesn't he? Our philosophy for Monday mornings can be summed up by the following little story...

Martin Luther and a friend were once deciding on the day’s agenda. The friend was disciplined, intellectually gifted, serious, and goal-driven; Luther was equally intelligent but much more emotional, risky, even playful. Luther's friend said, “Martin, this day we will discuss the governance of the universe.” To which Luther responded, “Friend, this day you and I will go fishing and leave the governance of the universe to God.”

Amen to that!

Tim Scrivner from Ava, MO posing with a canoe he made with his own hands from red cedar. The picture doesn't do it justice; it was absolutely beautiful. I met Tim on a recent afternoon stop-off at Bryant Creek near Vera Cruz, MO.

A bluff on Bryant Creek. I found this little creek to be the clearest and coolest of any Ozarks stream I've fished. The dark green water near the bluff was easily 20 feet deep, and you could see all the way to the bottom. A beautiful stream, although I didn't catch any fish!

Snapped this pic on the way home from a recent fishing trip to Beaver Creek. This is the view looking east from Hwy 125 near Garrison, MO. I believe it is the prettiest view in Christian County, although the folks from Chestnut Ridge & Saddlebrooke might make a pretty good argument otherwise.