Family, Fireflies, & The Fourth of July

Sunday was a good day at Selmore. I had specifically prayed for an encouraging day, both for me and the church, and God was good to grant it. Every pastor knows summer can be a discouraging time, with inconsistent attendance. (We really shouldn't use the number boards as measures of our worth; God doesn't and I'm convinced most of our people don't. But that's a whole other blog.) Nevertheless, I was happy we had very good attendance and an excellent spirit for our morning services, and an outstanding turn-out for our Independence Day celebration Sunday night. There were literally dozens of faces I had never seen before, and I got to meet several people who were looking for a church home. Our folks did a great job of inviting their family, friends, and neighbors. Except for being a nervous wreck during the fireworks (I'm always afraid someone is going to get hurt), it was a fantastic time.

Rachel and the kids and I attended the Hall reunion on Saturday. It was at my cousin's house in Pleasant Hope. Due to flash flooding, we had to try three different routes to get there, but we finally made it, and it was worth the effort. God has been good to the Hall family. All of my cousins love and serve the Lord. We don't get to visit too often but, when we do, it is sweet. We are more than blood relation, we are brothers and sisters in Christ.

Tonight, the girls and I spent some time catching lightning bugs. In my opinion, they are among the most beautiful creatures God makes. Have you ever considered how easy a lightning bug is to catch? Why are they so slow that my five year old can grab them? In my mind I know why... God had children in mind when He created those little things.

I confessed to my church folks two Sunday nights ago that I need to do better at spending quality time with the Lord. I have been having better quiet times lately, and I can tell it makes a difference in my attitude and energy. To those who lift me up to the Lord on a regular basis, thank you. I covet those prayers!

If my schedule comes together tomorrow like I hope it will, I will get to do a little fishing in the afternoon. If I get some good pics, I will post them here. Have a good "hump day" everybody.