The Infamous Jordan

To my Selmore folks... Since so many of you thought the picture of me at 19 was so hilarious, here's one that goes back even a few more years... Yes, that is me rocking the Skeletor muscle shirt. And yes, the little squirt I have my arm around is my infamous younger brother, Jordan.

I say "infamous" because so many of you have commented that you enjoy reading his blog. In fact, one of you (I won't mention any names) carried on and on about Jordan's blog last night at church, only to end by saying, "Oh... We read yours too." In fact, I think Jordan now has a fan club at Selmore. If you have read his most recent post, you are probably devastated to see that he's taking a break from "The Daily Soapbox" for awhile. (Illustrated by the Statue of Liberty on a cigarette break. Where does this guy get his pictures?) I will be available for counseling if you have trouble filling the void.

Of course, my sour grapes are in jest. Truth be told, Jordan has one of the most (if not the most) entertaining blogs in the Southern Baptist Convention. As you can tell, I am proud of him. My brother is one of those unique people, for whom every day is an adventure. He gets into more predicaments in one day than I do in a typical year. (Many brought on by himself.) I must say, it makes for some good storytelling, although I think some of those are slightly embellished. (But then again, isn't that assumed in good storytelling?)

Alas, I accept my fate as the "boring brother." Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to go build a raft made of two-liter bottles or shoot a buzzard. On second thought, I think a good book sounds nice.