At 6:00 a.m. this morning, I went to church to see off 28 of our folks on their way to Waveland, MS for a mission trip. While in Waveland, our team will primarily focus on Hurricane Katrina clean-up (the attached pic is an actual photo of Katrina making landfall near Waveland). We will also be doing some backyard Bible clubs, and street evangelism. Each year our youth pastor, Adam Horton, leads our U.S. mission trip, and does a fantastic job.

Included on this year's team is a good mix of new believers, mature believers who have never been on a mission trip, old pros, and wide-eyed teenagers. Almost everyone is making some kind of sacrifice to go, whether it be giving up vacation time at work, or leaving behind a spouse or a child. Moments like this morning make a pastor "humbly proud." Please pray for our mission team this week.