A True Evangelist

This morning I ran across a friend in ministry.  This man, a vocational evangelist, has recently had some serious health issues and is advancing in age.  Some of his health issues have made it a struggle for him to even read and comprehend. 

Despite his challenges, he is more committed to gospel ministry and evangelism than ever before.  In fact, he has set two personal goals for himself in 2019:  share the gospel personally with someone at least once per day, and preach the gospel no less than 20 times per month.

To meet his goal of preaching 20 times per month, he is preaching anywhere and everywhere he can get an audience - nursing homes, prisons, food kitchens, homeless camps, etc.  While he acknowledged that revival meetings are largely going away, and that many of his evangelist brethren bemoan this fact, he also said "It's amazing how many opportunities there are to preach when you don't care if you get paid.  The Lord always takes care of me."

This brother encouraged and challenged me today, and so I want to pass it along.  Perhaps our exchange will encourage someone else as well.  He is an evangelist in the truest sense of the word.  Lord, help me to be more like my friend.  Help me to do the work of an evangelist.