Profile of a Church Plant: Camino a la Cruz in Omaha, Nebraska

This week, three men from our church took a brief vision trip to Omaha, NE to scout out the potential for a summer mission trip.  While there, we met up with Angel Morales, church planter and pastor of Camino a la Cruz (Way of the Cross).  Angel, his wife Rachel, and their kids moved to Omaha a year and a half ago from Nixa, MO in response to God's call to minister to the 100,000 Hispanics living in the Omaha metro area.

Omaha, Nebraska
Camino a La Cruz shares a church building with a Sudanese congregation and a Native American congregation.  The building is owned by the local Baptist association, called Heartland Church Network.  The network's Director of Missions, Mark Elliott, leads the network to facilitate church planting and operate with a Kingdom mindset.

Haley Lester, Mark Elliott, Angel Morales
Currently, there are around 30 people who worship at Camino a la Cruz.  That number fluctuates, as people move in and out of the community in search of higher paying jobs.  While this is frustrating to Angel, he does not let it get him down.  He understands his role is to make disciples one person at a time.  And in the event someone he is discipling moves away, he prays they will take the gospel with them and disciple others.

Angel has a God-sized vision to reach the Hispanic population of greater Omaha.  He knows it will not happen overnight.  But that's okay with him.  Lord-willing, he plans to be in it for the long haul. 

One of Angel's greatest obstacles is the presence of prosperity churches in the Hispanic community.  These churches promise material blessings to those who give of their finances, and when the new car or house doesn't come through, the people become disillusioned and highly skeptical of all churches.  Often these individuals will close their door in Angel's face when he tells them he is a pastor.

Pray for Angel.  Pray for the growth and vitality of Camino a la Cruz.  Pray for the breaking down of walls in the Hispanic community of Omaha.  Pray for Heartland Church Network and the advancement of the Kingdom in Nebraska's largest city.