Personal Milestones

If you'll permit me a moment of self-reflection, 2019 is a year of personal milestones, and I would like to share them here as a testimony to the Lord and all He has done for me.

In January, I turned 40 years old.  In February, I hit 20 years in ministry.  In June, Rachel and I will celebrate 20 years of wedded bliss.  And today (April 1) marks five years since I officially returned as the pastor of Selmore Baptist Church, for a total of 15 years as their shepherd.  (If that is confusing, you can read the story here.)

As I reflect on these milestones, my heart overflows with praise to my Lord and Savior.  God has been so incredibly good to me.  I love my wife, my family and my church.  My cup runneth over.  Thank you, Jesus.  The best is yet to come.