Concerns with Ronnie Floyd's Blog on Race and Injustice

I am a Southern Baptist pastor.  I love my black brothers.  I agree there is a racial divide in our nation that only the gospel can heal.  I do, however, have concerns with the recent statement by the president of the SBC, Ronnie Floyd.  Here are two reasons why:

1)  When Floyd speaks of “the racism that still exists in our nation and our churches, and the subsequent injustices,” there is little doubt that he makes reference to the recent killings of black men by white police officers.  The problem is there is ZERO evidence to suggest these killings are racially motivated.  When Floyd and others imply a racial motive in their rhetoric, they bear false witness against the brave men and women who protect our communities.  I personally believe there are leaders in the SBC who owe law enforcement an apology. 

2)   Floyd’s statement calls us to “repent of racism and injustice,” but says nothing of repenting of resisting authority, civil disobedience or destruction of property.  If we want to truly have an honest conversation on racial tension in this country, then let’s get real.  To address perceived injustices, without addressing the corresponding lawlessness, is to lack the credibility to address the subject at all.  Romans 13:1-4 speaks to these issues very clearly, yet is seldom referenced by SBC leaders in this conversation.  Why not?

Look, I’m aware the “wounds run deep.”  I’m not so naive as to believe racism is dead in America, or even in the SBC for that matter.  I think most of us know better.  Furthermore, I have no problem with the president of the SBC addressing these matters in some way.  Encouraging dialogue is fine and good.  Time will tell whether or not these conversations serve a worthy purpose, or just serve to fan the flames.  But in the meantime, if we’re going to address the issue, let’s have the courage to tackle all of its aspects, and not just the ones that are politically correct.