What is the Role of Christians in the Immigration Debate?

Here are some good thoughts on the immigration debate by Texas representatives, Bill Flores and Louie Gohmert - both Southern Baptists - as quoted in the "Southern Baptist Texan."
“There is a common mistake being made by caring Christians who think the duty of a government and the duty of a Christian individual are the same. They are exceedingly different,” Gohmert wrote in a statement about the role of Christians in the immigration debate.
“The Bible says we are to help those in need,” Flores said. “The question is, “Who is the ‘we’?”
While Christians and churches should assist “the least of these,” including undocumented immigrants, the institutions established to create and enforce law are bound by their pledge to uphold the law even if it seems unpopular at the time to do so, Flores said. Without the enforcement of the law, all citizens would suffer.
Gohmert agrees.
“The government must follow its own laws fairly and impartially so lawlessness is not encouraged,” he wrote. “A Christian should love his neighbor. A government should require neighbors to comply with its laws.”