As a pastor, I think it is important that we teach our people (particularly in these times) what the Bible has to say about homosexuality in general, and gay marriage in particular.  Thus, I have put together a little acronym that I pray will be a help toward this end.  Please see the below link to view the acronym MARRIED, and how it can be used as a tool to help Christians remember and articulate the biblical position on homosexuality.  Before you go to the link, may I offer a few disclaimers?

1)  I love homosexuals.  I have gay friends.  ALL people should be treated with the utmost of respect and dignity, period.  This is in no way meant to promote hatred toward gay people.

2)  When I use the term "homosexuality" I am referring to ongoing homosexual practice as a way of life. I am not referring to experimentation or same-sex attraction (the latter of which is not a sin in and of itself).

3)  This is not meant to be a tool to convince non-Christians that homosexuality is wrong.  That is a futile endeavor.  This is meant to be a tool to help professing Christians know what the Bible teaches about homosexuality.

Here is the link to MARRIED.  Please feel free to use and share.  Blessings.