Bringing You Up to Speed

Rachel reminded me I haven't posted an update in awhile, so let me bring everyone up to speed on where we're at...

Things are going well.  We love our house and neighbors, and are enjoying building relationships in our immediate neighborhood.  In terms of the larger community, we are trying to be visible and serve the community however we can.  This week we spent three nights at a booth at a local fair, and today we volunteered our time at "Safety Day," a fun family event in our housing development.  We were able to meet a lot of people today, and got to talk a lot about HFC.

As we try to connect with new people, our core group (Halls + Christensens) are meeting Sunday nights at our home.  We are inviting people to this Bible study like crazy, but so far no takers.  A third family would be a huge step for our baby church, and a huge encouragement.  Pray that God will bring us this family soon, and many more to follow.

We are currently planning some events for the fall, including a "meet and greet" in a public venue, and having a booth at the Heartland Crossing kids Halloween party.  We would like to provide a plastic bag with our church logo/website to every child at the party to collect their candy in.  I will be pricing these bags soon.  (If your church or small group would like to purchase these bags as a mission project, please contact me!)

We were very happy to host the Shuford family from Tri-County Association this week.  We had a great time of fellowship with Phillip, Elsie, and their kids.  Phillip is putting together a plan for a Tri-County mission trip to Indy next summer.  Hopefully we will see some of you on that trip!  I love Phillip's passion and vision for Tri-County Association.

One more thing before I sign off...  I will have an interview this Monday morning for a part-time job.  I will share more details later if it comes to pass, but say a prayer for this, that God would make clear to us if this job is His will for our family.  Also, keep Rachel and the kids in your prayers as they begin online school from home this week!

Maybe I can talk Rachel into posting the next blog entry, so you can hear about things from a lady's perspective.  Until then, let's all make much of Jesus.