An Eventful Last Few Days

Tonight, I am writing from a hotel room in Indy.  It has been an eventful last few days.  God has really moved to put things in place for our transition, and it has been so neat to see.  On Monday, after just three days on the market, we signed a contract on our Ozark house.  Today, we picked out a house to rent in Indy.  We could not ask for a better place to live.  It is big enough for our family, in our budget, in the middle of our target area, and we have local, Christian landlords.  God is good!

This Sunday, of course, is our last day at Selmore.  What a bittersweet day that will be!  As I told the church, the last ten years we've spent at Selmore have been the best ten years of our life.  We truly love the people at Selmore, and I believe we will always have a special bond with them.  Pray for us, and the church, this Sunday.  It will be an emotional day!

Soon, on the blog, I will be announcing an important development in our church planting strategy.  Until then, the story continues...