Heartland Family Church

After much thought and prayer, we are excited to announce our new church's name as "Heartland Family Church."  We believe this name will not only resonate with the young families who live in Heartland Crossing, but is a warm/welcoming name to people of all ages and backgrounds.

While we are unashamedly Southern Baptist, we have opted not to use the term "Baptist" in the name of our church.  The primary reasoning for this is that many of the Baptist churches in the area are independent/fundamental.  And while we love these churches, and will gladly partner with them where we can, there are significant differences which we do not wish to confuse.  It will be clear to those worshiping with us, and going through our members class, that our church is affiliated with the SBC.

Pray for us and "HFC" in the days ahead!  The story continues...