Life Update

As I write, it is 11:00 on a Friday night.  My wife and seven year-old are asleep on the couch.  My four and two year-olds are asleep in bed.  I am waiting on a call to go pick up my oldest daughter who is at a movie party.   (More on that in a minute.)  The house is quiet.  I am surfing the web and figured I'd update my blog since it's been awhile.

I have started several blog posts over the last couple weeks, and didn't end up posting any of them for various reasons.  Actually I did post one for about five minutes, and then took it down because I didn't like it. :)  But anyway, just for the sake of posting something, let me bring you up to speed on our lives...

School has started back, and I forget how crazy it gets to keep up with everything.  It seems we are always rushing.  Every day is an adventure to figure out how to fit everything in, and make it all work.  My parents help a great deal by watching the kids when we need them to.  Sometimes it seems we are hanging on by a thread, but thus is the life of the American family.

This fall has been one of the most demanding, and rewarding, seasons of my ministry at Selmore.  There have been a number of challenges to work through.  But God has proven Himself faithful, and has been very close and real to me.  I know He is making me into a better man and pastor, and I praise Him for that.  We have seen a number of conversions/baptisms lately at Selmore, and that is a great encouragement.  I am blessed to serve alongside a tremendous staff and godly deacons.  Rachel and I love the people of Selmore.

Last week we sold the van we've driven for the last seven years, and purchased a newer model.  The kids (and their parents) are excited about this.  One of the kids said we now have "the coolest car ever."  Yes, if a five year-old mini van is cool, I suppose we're pretty awesome.

Our oldest daughter, Hannah, is in the cast of a play at our local community theater.  (Stained Glass Theater-see pic)  It actually draws people from all over the region.  The play she's in runs for five weeks with three showings a week.  Each showing will have anywhere from a few dozen up to 250 people.  Even though she only has a very minor part, it has required many hours of practice and rehearsal.  Tonight, after the showing, the cast is watching a movie together, which is where Hannah is now.  She is the youngest cast member, and really likes the attention of the teenage girls in the cast.  :)  Hannah is a gifted young lady.  We pray she grows up and uses her gifts to bring glory to God.

Until last week we had a hedge along one side of our yard that ran about 40 yards in length and averaged about eight feet tall.  It separated our yard from a busy street and gave us lots of privacy.  Imagine my horror when I came home one day last week to discover it was gone.  Yes, the electric company mowed it to the ground without even consulting us.  (They said they left a note on our door, which we never saw.)  But not to worry!  They said they would "make it right."  Come to find out, "making it right" to them meant offering us a tree to plant in our yard.  I managed to hold my anger in check, and wrote a firm letter to the electric company.  I don't expect it to do any good.  In the grand scheme of things it's not that big a deal, but you can't help but feel a little violated when someone comes on your property without your permission and takes something that is valuable to you, and you can't do a thing about it.

That's about it right now for our exciting life.  I hope I didn't make it sound too negative.  Life is good!  Our kids are healthy.  We pay our bills.  We love each other.  We have fun.  God is good!