Sunday Sermon Starter

From time to time, I post a very basic outline of my upcoming Sunday sermon.  I do this in hopes that it may help some of my fellow pastors who have had an unusually busy week, and need a good starting place for their sermon prep.  I would also encourage my Selmore folks to take a look at the outline, and use it to prepare your hearts to hear from God on Sunday.  :)

1 Corinthians 8

Main Idea:  Paul challenges mature believers at Corinth to consider how their actions affect "weaker brethren."


(v1-3)  How we love is more important than what we know.

(v4-6)  Mature Christians know "things" are morally neutral.  cf. Rom 14:14

(v7)  For immature Christians, how they perceive things is their reality.

(v8-11)  Mature Christians show love when they put aside what they know, and consider how things are perceived by weaker brethren.

(v12-13)  To not consider weaker brethren is a sin against them and God.