In Appreciation of Teachers

This morning we closed our service with a special time of prayer for our educators and students as they prepare to head back to school.  As several teachers stood up to be recognized across our worship center, I got a little choked up.  (Happens to the best of us.)  Several things crossed my mind in that moment:

First, I thought about my wife, who teaches fifth grade at Highlandville Elementary.  I am so proud of her, and the witness she is for the Lord in her school.

I also looked at all our other church folks standing up, and I was just overwhelmed with the fact that these people truly care for their students.  You can see it on their faces.  Every day they get up and do a very tough job, with very little appreciation, and they love on kids that don't often get a lot of love elsewhere.  Most Christian teachers I know approach their job very much with the heart and mindset of a missionary.  Many of us could learn a lot from teachers in this regard.

Finally, I thought about the students I had in my brief time as a teacher.  What a fun time that was in my life.  I loved those kids.  And to this day, if they showed up on my doorstep, I'd do anything I could to help them.  They're special to me, and they always will be.  I'm not sure the average person understands how much a good teacher (there are always a few bad apples) truly cares for their students, and sacrifices for them.

Most of us can remember a teacher that had a positive impact on our life.  If you know a good teacher (or your child is fortunate enough to have such a teacher) take the time to tell them "thank you," and say a prayer for them this week.