Jim Wells Nomination

Lord-willing, one week from today, I will nominate Jim Wells for Registration Secretary of the Southern Baptist Convention (one of four national officers).  Jim has held this position for the last ten years, so if he isn't re-elected, you will know I really botched it.  ;)  Here is the text of the announcement I sent to Baptist Press:

It will be my deep honor to nominate my friend and mentor, Dr. Jim Wells, for registration secretary of the Southern Baptist Convention at the 2012 annual meeting in New Orleans, LA. 

Dr. Wells is loved and respected across our convention as a man of great kindness, integrity, and experience.  Dr. Wells has served in virtually every capacity in Southern Baptist life, including:  local pastor, Director of Missions, and state convention staff.  Most notably, he has served admirably for the last 10 years as Registration Secretary.  No one knows the job any better, or desires to serve our churches any more, than Dr. Jim Wells. 

Dr. Wells has a strong love for the Southern Baptist Convention and, even more importantly, a passion for revival and spiritual awakening across our land.  He is an encourager, a man of peace, and a Kingdom servant.  Southern Baptists will benefit greatly by electing Dr. Jim Wells to another term.

Please keep Jim in your prayers, as he will undergo a surgical procedure this Monday.