Thoughts from Montana

I have enjoyed attending the Reformation Montana conference this week in Great Falls.  In addition to hearing notable preachers such as Paul Washer and Phil Johnson today, I also got to hear my younger brother, Jordan, preach alongside them.  (If you know Jordan, you know he held his own.)  In fact, Jordan is the primary founder of RM, and one of the main organizers of the conference.  The conference itself has been a huge success with over 300 people registered from several different states, many of whom drove several hours to attend.  While I am a little bit of a duck out of water with this crowd (I'm not a five point Calvinist) I have very much enjoyed the fellowship and have gotten to meet some great guys.

This afternoon I had some free time and drove 30 minutes into the mountains, along the upper Missouri River where it has the qualities of a wild, mountain stream.  Beautiful.  The mountains definitely proclaim the majesty and glory of God.  Did my soul well.

Flying home tomorrow. As much as I've enjoyed my time here, I miss my family.  Also, it is COLD here!  I am ready to return to the hot and humid Ozarks.  Good night from Montana.