Selmore's New Purpose Statement

I love our church's new purpose statement...

ASSEMBLE for worship. ARM the saints. ADVANCE the Kingdom.

Based on the Simple Church concept, this is not only our purpose, but our process.  It describes how disciples of Jesus are made at Selmore.  Each sentence in the statement represents a further step in Christian maturity.

The first step is to gather for corporate worship.  This is primarily done on Sunday mornings.

The second step is to arm yourself for service with in-depth study of God's Word, and the accountability of fellow believers.  This is primarily done in our Sunday School small groups.

The final step is to advance the Kingdom of Christ by taking part in ministry (serving inside the Church) and missions (serving outside the Church).  Everyone should be serving somewhere.

Pastor Jeff and I will be preaching through our new purpose statement over the next three Sunday mornings, providing the Biblical foundation for our statement as we carry it out in the life of our church.  If you need a church home, or are just interested in exploring Christianity, come join us at Selmore!