Lamenting Newt

So apparently Newt Gingrich is gaining steam in South Carolina.  The fact that he is a serious candidate says a lot about the overall weakness of the GOP field.

I remember working for the campaign of a Republican state rep candidate when I was a freshman in college.  (My only foray into politics.)  The Democrat running against my guy mailed a flyer to all the homes in our district with a picture of my guy right next to a picture of Newt.  (Like they knew each other or something.)  But, the point is, this was the Democrats' strategy all across the nation for beating Republicans that election.  Just connect them to Newt.  Simple as that.  (No matter how preposterous the connection was.)

And now all these years later, he is one of the top 3-4 candidates?  Yikes.  And by the way, the Democrat won.