Heading to Chicagoland

I will leave early tomorrow morning to spend the next three days in Chicagoland.  Our church has a missions partnership with Three Rivers Baptist Association in the southern suburbs, and I will be joining three other leaders from our association in conducting a dialogue with their pastors regarding short-term missions, including how to host mission teams, and how to plan mission trips for your church.

If your church is in Missouri, and would like to take a short term mission trip this summer, I would highly recommend going to Chicagoland.  It is near enough to drive there in a day, but it is far enough away to feel like you're out of your element.  (And you truly are.)  You can work in the city, the suburbs, or even fringe communities where subdivisions are surrounded by cornfields.  The need for Christian influence in Chicagoland is staggering.  There is plenty for everyone to do.

To get started, I would recommend contacting Rick Hedger at the Missouri Baptist Convention, or you can always email me at the address listed on my blog.