Report from Chicagoland

It has been a good, first three days on our mission trip.  There are 28 total people as part of our mission team:  17 from Selmore, five from FBC-Crane, and seven from a Baptist church in Anna, IL (near Cape Girardeau, MO). 

Our 28 people are split into three sub-teams:  One sub-team is doing construction work on a small African-American church in Kankakee, IL.  One sub-team is doing a Bible club in Momence, IL.  And one sub-team is doing a community assessment for a new church plant in Watseka, IL.  All of these churches are in the outlying area around Chicago known as "Chicagoland."

Cornerstone Church Worship Service

I am working with the team that is conducting the community assessment for the new church plant.  It was a blessing, Sunday morning, to worship with them.  There is something liberating and exciting about worshipping with a new congregation.  Everything is current and fresh.  There is no such thing as ritual or status quo - only a spirit of joy and anticipation among the people.

Pastor Gregg Boll from FBC-Crane, and his team,
conduct a survey at a house in Watseka, Illinois.

Today (Monday) we began our community assessment.  This consists of interviewing community residents and leaders to help the new church better understand its community and context.  When we are done with our assessment, we will put our collected data in the form of a report that the new church can keep and reference as it crafts its strategy going forward.  In the process of conducting the interviews, there are many opportunities to share the Gospel, and build a prospect list for the new church.

Pray for all our sub-teams, that we may finish strong the last three days we are here, advancing the Kingdom, and building up the local churches in this corner of Chicagoland.