Post Chicagoland Thoughts

Pastor Tom of New Vision Baptist Church, Kankakee, IL
along with me and Pastor Gregg of FBC-Crane, MO
It is Sunday night and I am worn out!  Still trying to recover from the mission trip.  My primary goal today was simply to survive church, and I accomplished that, so it was a good day.  Actually, it was a real good day.  We had a great service today, including a powerful Fathers Day drama.  And our mission team did a really good job tonight of reporting to the church on our trip.

This year's Chicagoland trip was probably the smoothest mission trip I've ever been on.  Everything worked out just as it was supposed to.  Each of our three teams (VBS, construction, survey) had productive weeks.  The fellowship was sweet, and the worship times were powerful.  I really think we are beginning to make an impact on Chicagoland, and specifically the Three Rivers Baptist Association (comprising the 12 counties on the west and south sides of Chicago).  Lord-willing, we will continue this partnership in the coming years, strengthening/encouraging exisiting churches, and helping lay the foundation for new churches.

Looking forward to a day of rest (and fishing) tomorrow.  Good night!