10 Things I Think I Think

It's been awhile since I've posted anything.  A combination of sickness and busyness has kept me out of the blogosphere.  It's also been awhile since I've done an edition of "10 Things I Think I Think," about random things that probably no one else cares about, so here goes... 

1)  I think the I.D. channel's special on Springfield's three missing women tonight was really good.  I also think the SPD should dig up a little concrete underneath the parking garage of Cox South to see if the women are there.  I don't see what there is to lose.  If they are there, praise God.  If they are not there, it will at least put that rumor to rest.  (A rumor that has been substantiated by numerous tips over the years, and at least one expert's imaging equipment.)

2)  I think it is not very fun being the fan of a mid-major college basketball team.  If this year's Bears get left out of the tournmaent with a record of 25-8, an RPI around 40, and a conference championship, how in the world is a mid-major team supposed to get in?  For the Missouri States of the world, anything short of perfection isn't good enough.  And I don't want to hear this stuff about a lack of quality opponents.  We all know the BCS schools won't schedule teams like Missouri State.  (I am looking at you, Mizzou.)

3)  I think the sound of peep frogs in March is one of the sweetest sounds on Earth.

4)  I think Ozark, Missouri has the fastest McDonalds drive-thru in America.  I shouldn't go through it as often as I do, but they are really impressive.

5)  I think Cardinal fans should get ready for a long, long season.  (I will post my annual predictions on the Cardinals a little later.)

6)  I think that Plato High School is going to have a final four girls basketball team in a few years.  How do I know that?  They have four little Hall girls (my cousins) that will be on the same team.  I watched their 5th-6th grade team play a team of all-stars from the Nixa area Saturday night, and they held their own.

7)  I think a lot of people say they want the government to live within its means, but then villianize any government official that actually makes hard decisions.

8)  I think I am really wanting to visit the beach.  I love the ocean.  It's good for the soul.  I wish it wasn't so far away.

9)  I think I am very excited about landing two tickets to see George W. Bush at College of the Ozarks next month.  I am going to do my best to get my copy of "Decision Points" signed.

10)  I think God is good all the time.