Rap: Part 2

As a follow-up to this morning's post on rap, I wanted to share this insight as well... 

Of all places, it comes from "ESPN The Mag."  In an article that discusses sports fans' general dislike for rules, the author makes the case that rules provide a general framework for sports that give them order and flow, and basically make them worth playing.  As an illustration, the article references the genre of rap, noting that "the genre emerged only once rappers stopped freestyling and started building their rhymes around backing tracks in 4/4 time.  This gave them form to follow, structure to push against."

I think this is a great illustration for portraying how God's law provides framework for our life.  We have a tendency to think we're free to experience the "good life" when we're freestyling, doing our own thing, absent of any outside structure.  But, in reality, the truly good life is found in the parameters of God's law - living free, but in rythym with His will.  Man needs divine structure to be his best.