On Christian Rap

My brother introduced me to the above Christian rapper who is known as "Voice."  And I have to say, I expected his music to be cheesy (and perhaps to some it is), but I kinda like it!  This may be my treadmill music for the new year!

For those of you who struggle with the concept of "Christan rap," (and I understand where you're coming from), I would like to recommend a book that has been very helpful to me in sorting through issues of this nature.  The name of the book is Perimeters of Light: Biblical Boundaries for the Emerging Church by Elmer Towns and Ed Stetzer.  Here is an excerpt from that book dealing specifically with the genre of rap:

"for me and many others, rap music is about violence and misogyny (women hating).  However, to some, it is about raging against something.  Therefore, if the worshiper finds that the music helps him or her to rage against sin and the world, such a music can be associated with angst and struggle, but against something that matters.  The form of rap is no less godly than the form of 4/4 time in most of our hymns.  It is a canvas waiting for a picture."

I will post one more insight on this topic tomorrow...  What do you think?