Christmas Prayers

At our church's Christmas program last Sunday night, we gave people the opportunity to write prayer requests on a "prayer wall."  Reading over the requests on the wall blessed me, and I share some of them below, in the hopes they will bless you as well.  As you read the requests, say a little prayer for each one; God knows the author.  Merry Christmas!

"Please, Lord, open my husband's mind and heart to you.  Thank you for everything.  Praise your holy name."

"Pray for the miracle of life - for the safe addition of another healthy child to our family."

"Pray for the poor."  (child's writing)

"I pray that people can find peace in their storms, whether they be financial problems, loss of loved ones, or personal conflicts."

"I pray that you guide me in a way that I will share your Word, my wealth, and ultimately lead others to You."

"Pray for my father so he will see Jesus."  (child's writing)