A Couple Things to Check Out

Yesterday I met with Bryan Freeman, the director of New Every Morning ministries in Springfield, MO.  I believe New Every Morning plays an important role in southwest Missouri, as it's the only organization I'm aware of in the region that provides trained, Christian counseling to those struggling with homosexuality and same sex attraction.  Pastors, if you think this issue isn't effecting your church, you're nuts.  I personally believe homosexuality is going to become more and more prevalent in society, until the return of Christ.  Instead of griping and howling about it, I think we as Christians had better start making a plan to love & minister to those struggling with it, and educating our children on why the homosexual lifestyle is harmful and, yes, sinful.  New Every Morning can help with both these things, and Bryan is willing to come and speak in your church.  We have had them at Selmore in the past, and will no doubt have them again.  You can get more info on their Facebook page.

Also, say a prayer for me on Thursday evening.  As part of my responsibilities for the "Organizational Study Group" of the Missouri Baptist Convention, I will be leading a focus group at South Haven Baptist Church in Springfield tomorrow evening at 7:00.  We will be discussing the future of the MBC, and all Missouri Baptists in the region are invited to come take part.  For a preview, check out this website and take the survey.