Thoughts on GPS?

I am interested to hear from other Southern Baptists whose churches participated in the GPS campaign...  How many contacts did you make?  How did that play out in your church today?  Did you have a lot of guests as a direct result of your GPS outreach?

Our church had about 50 more than normal in worship today.  We had several guests, but they were all friends/family of our members.  (Still the most effective outreach strategy!)  We made over 700 contacts prior to Easter, but I don't know that we had anyone visit our church today as a direct result of GPS.

This doesn't discourage me, because it's been my experience that God blesses our efforts.  Maybe no one comes that we invited, but maybe someone else comes that we didn't invite!  It's funny how that works sometimes.

Anyway, I would be interested to hear your initial thoughts on GPS.  Please leave a comment below.  Thanks!