10 Cardinals Predictions for 2010

1.  Colby Rasmus makes the All-Star team.

2.  Wainwright grows his hair to his shoulders, wins 25 games, still can't beat Lincecum for the Cy Young.

3.  Joe Mather (a.k.a. "Joey Bombs") busts out for 20 hr as the 4th outfielder.

4.  Nick Stavinoha is voted burliest singles hitter in baseball.

5.  Brendan Ryan wins first gold glove...  Chews hole through left shirt sleeve by Memorial Day.

6.  Pujols gets new contract with one stipulation related to his defense...  FOR THE LOVE OF PETE, CATCH THE BALL ON THE FAIR SIDE OF FIRST BASE!!!

7.  Yadie actually lays down on the ground and rolls to first base, after hitting lazy pop fly.  Hrabosky blows a fuse.  La Russa complements Molina's form. 

8.  For the first time anyone can remember, fans actually come to the game early to watch the hitting coach take BP.

9.  Freese doesn't stick.  Third base becomes a revolving door.

10.  Cards and Cubs come down to the wire in the Central, but Cards pull it out in the end.