In case you hadn't heard, there was a 6.3 earthquake today in Spain, and a 6.8 earthquake in the Solomon Islands.  These join the recent rash of 7.0 earthquakes (or greater) in Indonesia, Japan, Mexico, Chile, and Haiti.  Today, I actually heard an anchor on CNN say, "Scientists say that while it may seem like there's an unusually high amount of major earthquakes lately, that in reality there have always been this many earthquakes.  It's just that we're more aware of it now, because the Earth is overpopulated, and they're occuring in populated areas..."  Are you kidding me?  Does anyone actually believe that?

Jesus said in the Gospels that "earthquakes in various places" would be a sign that the end of time was near.  Romans 8 speaks of the creation experiencing "birth pangs" in expectation of giving birth to a new heaven and earth.  Friends, I think what we are witnessing is this old world in the beginning stages of labor.