Building "Dynamite" Pastors

Today I had the opportunity to attend a conference called "Building Dynamic Pastors."  The conference is put on by Greene County Baptist Association, and hosted by Second Baptist-Springfield, each year.  The three speakers this year were John Marshall, Hosea Bilyeu, and Micah Fries.

I have expressed my admiration for Dr. Marshall and "Hosey" before on this blog.  They are great men of God, and each has had a large influence on my ministry.  I sit at their feet everytime I get a chance.  Micah (about my age) is a pastor in St. Joseph, and is brilliant.  He is one of the leading, young pastors in the nation.  All three of these men had great things to say today, and I left blessed and encouraged.  Let me share with you some of the quotes I wrote down from today (some are secondhand)...

"Dead faith is often characterized by faith in some truth over all truth." - Micah

"The ironic thing about the Pharisees is that they were arguing for thier own piety, while planning the murder of God." - Micah

"The first task of a leader is to define current reality."  - Hosea

"One step ahead you're a leader.  Two steps ahead you're a martyr." - Hosea

"If you're in a growing church, it will need a new pastor every five years.  That pastor will either be you or someone else."  - Hosea (on the need for continued personal growth)

"Some pastors say they have 20 years experience when in reality they have one year of experience 19 times."  - Hosea (same topic)

"400 million people use Facebook.  If Facebook were a nation, it would be more populous than India or China." - Dr. Marshall

"I once sent LOL to someone who had lost a loved one. I thought it meant "lots of love!" - Dr. Marshall (on how not to do social networking)