Not on the Twilight Bandwagon

Okay.  People seem to be going nuts over this Twilight series, and particularly the latest installment "New Moon."  I can't say a lot about it, because I haven't seen it.  But let me just say this...  From what I do know about it, and from the promos I've seen, I have a "check" in my spirit.  Frankly, it strikes me as rather dark and demonic.  (And from what I understand, it's also a thinly veiled ogle-fest for the fairer sex.)

I know a lot of you are fans, but I would encourage you to read this blog by a dude named Bob Botsford.  It's pretty well written, and raises some legitimate concerns.  Here is an excerpt: 

"So what exactly is the problem? I assure you there are many. As if Harry Potter and the Golden Compass weren’t enough, the interest in Twilight brings another round of witchcraft and demonic characters into the minds of our kids. Making matters worse, Twilight further blurs the lines between good and evil and there is a romantic tug on the hearts of young girls that evil portrayed in a well written way or depicted in a beautiful setting makes it somehow acceptable. Make no mistake; this is a well-written love story that pulls heavily on the heartstrings of its reader. Guys too are enticed by the mind games that Edward, the lead, plays on his prey. Certainly the movie is designed to further pull kids in and away, but the fact is, this romantic love story is dark to the core and centered in the eternal attraction of a VAMPIRE (and that Sucks)!"

Just something to think on.  One thing I hope all of us (who claim the name of Christ) can agree on, is that we need to exercise discretion and holiness in our viewing and entertainment.