Missouri Baptist Convention: Day One

Had a nice drive to Kansas City this morning. It rained on me until about Humansville, than around Harrisonville the sun came out. This was the first time I'd driven to KC since they finished making Hwy 13 and Hwy 7 four lanes. It only took me 2:35 to get to the edge of KC from Nixa! (Had to drop the girls off at Highlandville.) Wow! The improved roads sure have sped up that drive.

Heard two good sermons this afternoon at the pastor's conference. Russell Moore of Southern Seminary and Gordon Dutile of SBU did a great job. I so appreciate listening to true scholars preach. Especially those who have the ability to communicate their vast knowledge to average intellects (me).

Had supper with my good friend, and neighboring pastor, Bob Long. We talked about ways our churches can work together in the coming year to reach our community (south Ozark) with the Gospel. I love it when churches work together. It's all about the Kingdom!

The evening session featured addresses by David Tolliver (MBC Executive Director) and Bruce McCoy (MBC president). Again, both men did a really nice job. Tolliver laid out his vision for restoring health to our state's churches (80% of Missouri Baptist churches are plateaued or in decline). McCoy preached a message of encouragement to pastors to "stay in the fight."

All in all, a fairly uneventful day. Tomorrow is when we'll begin getting to the actual business of the convention. Should be interesting. I'll let you know how it goes.